UNC Big’s Ceiling

I try to think back to when we had such potential in the Big’s position at UNC. You can go back to 2016/17 with Maye, Meeks, Hicks and Bradley (that’s a championship calibre team.. oh wait).

But if I compare our current Big Four of Garrison Brooks, Armando Bacot, Day’Ron Sharpe and Walker Kessler, would you class them as better than the 2017 Big’s?? I might say so.

In the 2020/21 Big Four you have; three 5 star recruits out of High School (Bacot, Sharpe, Kessler) and 1 Pre Season ACC Player of the Year (Brooks), now I know we have a young back-court this year and we’re leaning on our forwards to really step up.. and they are.

The Big Four from 2016/17 Ceiling

  • Luke Maye is currently playing in Italy, with some time in the NBA G League.
  • Kennedy Meeks has been enjoying his professional basketball career in Japan since graduating.
  • Isaiah Hicks is currently on same team with Meeks in Japan following some time in the NBA G League and few games in NBA with New York Knicks.
  • Tony Bradley has been in NBA since his one year at UNC and over past two seasons is getting a lot more minutes for Utah Jazz and now Philadelphia 76ers.

The Big Four from 2020/21 Ceiling

  • Garrison Brooks was named Pre Season ACC Player of the Year with some NBA Mocks Drafts taken him late second round.
  • Day’Ron Sharpe came in as a five star recruit and has been exceeding expectations on the court, some NBA Mock Drafts had him going in this year’s draft late in first round (I don’t see him declaring this year).
  • Armando Bacot has stepped up this season, most improved player? I’d say so. Some drafts saying late second round (I see him staying for his Senior Season).
  • Walker Kessler has been talked about with a long NBA career already, but is fourth in the line up of this Big Four. I see Walker in the NBA, but maybe in a couple years.

Compare Statistics of the Big Four’s

Kennedy Meeks24.312.539.451.18
Isaiah Hicks22.311.825.460.74
Luke Maye14.15.543.940.2
Tony Bradley14.67.082.550.58
(Source: basketball.realgm.com)
Garrison Brooks28.310.27.131.0
Armando Bacot22.912.077.670.67
Day’Ron Sharpe20.19.477.730.8
Walker Kessler6.
(Source: basketball.realgm.com – latest 25/01/2021)

Obviously the 2017 Big Four went on to win the National Championship with the help of a super talented and experienced back-court. What is the potential for the 2021 Big Four? I expect to see us in March but am I predicting this through Carolina Blue tinted spectacles?

Another question is, how much effect has Sean May had on our current Big Four? Sean is one of the most talented Big’s we have had at Chapel Hill and Coach William’s quotes him as one of the most intelligent. This can be only good for the ceiling of potential for our current Big Four.

I guess only time will tell the potential of our forwards in Chapel Hill, but I am pretty excited to see it all unfold.

What do you think?

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