Why Coach Hubert Davis is my choice.

Coach Roy Williams has Size 9 feet, but his shoes at North Carolina are a lot bigger to fill. After his shock announcement on April 1st, the greatest job in the world just became vacant. Basketball coaches are dreaming of the opportunity to stand on the sidelines at the Dean Smith Center as the new Head Coach of the Tar Heels.

From Brad Stevens to Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith, major mainstream media sites are throwing names in the hat of who they think is going to be the next Head Coach of the University of North Carolina. I don’t believe we have to look very far.

Take a look at why I believe Coach Hubert Davis should be the next man in charge.

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Coach Hubert Davis is a Tar Heel and for me, that is very important. The Carolina Family is a basketball tradition, and that speaks volumes to why we have reached more Final Fours than any other school. Davis played for Coach Dean Smith for four years, playing with the likes of; Rick Fox, George Lynch, Eric Montross and more.

Davis averaged over 20 PPG in his final year in Chapel Hill and started a majority of those games. He had a career-high 35 against Duke, so we know he likes performing against the school down the road. He also has the record for career 3PT% in UNC history. Davis played a big role in his time under Coach Smith.

Coach Davis understands the Carolina Way. There is no one better to learn this from than Coach Dean Smith himself. Then he to sat next to Coach Roy Williams for 9 years and watching him closely. Davis has had the best seat in the house for preparation.

After stepping down from his job at ESPN as an analyst, Davis came to work under Coach Williams and become one of his Assistant Coaches. To a Tar Heel fan, you would think why would you not want to be one of the assistants at UNC?! Although, take note that the job at ESPN was a pretty good gig, to me it says a lot to coming back here. Hubert Davis is a Tar Heel and he loves North Carolina.

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Coach Williams took the wheel of the ship in 2003 and we are all aware of his love and respect for Coach Smith. Williams would use a similar style of play as his mentor. Granted that, Coach did things his way and coached in his style as well. He was not a Coach Smith 2.0, no one ever could be. He took great parts of Coach Smith’s style, who wouldn’t!? (879 wins at UNC). Coach Davis will not be a Coach Williams 2.0 either.

Hubert Davis – the player – has the record for best 3PT% at UNC. He made 728 3 pointers in the NBA and currently 3rd in NBA history with 3PT%. You hear fans cry out for shooters, and I believe that Coach Davis would look for them in his coaching style and recruitment. That is his game, he was a shooter at college and the NBA. I believe we would see more at UNC with him at the helm. Shooters, shoot!

I do hope we see some of the same coaching styles from Coach Williams; fast break transition, second break offence, out-rebound every team in the nation! Then I would like to see Coach Davis’ twist on it as well. Can you imagine a fast break Carolina, then when the play slows down, we swing the ball to multiple shooters… I am visualizing Coach Hubert’s style now and it’s beautiful.

“He hasn’t been a Head Coach before, he can’t recruit.” The amount of recruiting that Assistant Coaches do is more than you realize. Coach Davis can recruit and has been recruiting for the past twelve years. That is one of his roles given to him by Coach Williams and he has learnt from one of the best. You know what… the name North Carolina Tar Heels does a lot of recruiting for itself too. UNC is a Top 3 program in the nation, in my opinion. Recruiting will not be a problem!

Coach Hubert Davis oversees the squads charitable endeavours. It is well documented that Davis is one of the good guys. Someone with his integrity and character follows the tradition of the great men who have led our program before. Carolina Basketball is more than just basketball and Davis fits into that.

“I would like for it to be a Carolina guy, I don’t know if I have any say in it. But I want it to be someone with the same beliefs for what North Carolina has always stood for. For whoever it is, I’d like to see them continue that part of it.”

Coach Roy Williams in October 2019

I do feel that if the rumours are true and Coach Williams has been prepping Coach Davis for this role to be his successor, who am I to say no!

If I was Bubba Cunningham, I would choose Hubert Davis as the next coach of the University of North Carolina.

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The Others Candidates…

The name a lot of Tar Heels want to see is Wes Miller, and do you know what… same here. Just not yet. I think Wes could be a future Tar Heel Head Coach, he played under Coach Williams and is doing amazing work in Greensboro. However, UNC Greensboro and UNC Chapel Hill are a big difference. I feel it is riskier to go with Miller now… but if he gets a move away to a major school, I see Miller being the captain of the ship in years to come.

Brad Stevens is probably one of the best coaches in the rumour mill right now, would he leave the Boston Celtics mid-season? Doubt it. He just turned down his native state Indiana (yes we’re a bigger program I know), that wouldn’t go down too well back home for him. I just don’t see it. He did do wonders at Butler, but this would mean it would leave the Carolina Family and that doesn’t sit right with me.

Keeping it within the family, Jerry Stackhouse. I actually wouldn’t mind this hire. Yes, Stackhouse is 20-37 at Vanderbilt, it hasn’t gone well for him there. Before that though, he was Coach of the Year in the NBA D-League and a D-League Champion. Stackhouse had a very successful NBA playing career too. I don’t think he will get the job, but I can see why his name is being put up there.

Kenny Smith, well… that would be… different. Bubba is not risking that.

Gonzaga are probably about to become National Champions and with you being friends with Coach Williams, therefore Mark Few has been put down as a candidate. I don’t see it happening. He’s a Bulldog legend, and it will stay that way.

Finally, interestingly… Dawn Staley, this coach is incredible, a genius and has built a program from the bottom at South Carolina. I just don’t see her becoming the UNC Head Coach. It would be worldwide news and hey, she deserves a call just based on her résumé alone. But don’t see it happening.

Over the next week or so, Carolina Basketball is going to start a new journey. Whoever is appointed, I know I’ll get behind them (it just may take longer with some than others).

If you missed it, you can read my “Letter to Coach Williams” and see my feelings towards Coach and everything he has done for North Carolina, and me.

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