Interview with Marcus Ginyard – the truth about overseas.

Marcus Ginyard is the latest Tar Heel to join George on the Ceiling is the Roof Podcast.

Marcus played at the University of North Carolina from 2005-2010, making him a member of the 2009 national championship team. Marcus has since played internationally since graduating from Chapel Hill and has played all over the world.

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George (@britishtarheel) has an hour-long conversation with Marcus Ginyard and this interview is like none other so far on the podcast. Marcus talks about his experiences overseas and the truth about Overseas Basketball from teams not paying him his salary to being detained in a foreign country due to teams not paying his VISA, even though they said they did.

He also talks about his five years at the University of North Carolina, the 2009 championship team and some funny stories on his Tar Heel Teammates.

This episode will have you laughing one moment, and speechless the next.

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