Deon Thompson signs for Leones de Ponce

Deon Thompson has signed for Leones de Ponce of the Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN), the top-tier of Puerto Rican basketball. Thompson has signed a contract from July to September/October depending on if the team reach the playoffs.

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Thompson spoke to Ceiling is the Roof about his move to Puerto Rico:

“I’m excited! This game of basketball really has blessed me to be able to see the world. The team is putting together a good roster, so they want to make a run at the championship, I’m always on board for that!”

Deon Thompson on his move to Leones de Ponce.

Leones de Ponce last came close to the title in the BSN in 2018/19, when they were led by Puerto Rican legend, Carols Arroyo, finishing 2nd. Leones de Ponce is the most successful team in Puerto Rico with a record 14 championships.

Deon Thompson was the latest guest on the Ceiling is the Roof Podcast and he talks about playing at the highest level of overseas basketball throughout his career. Thompson said he rarely does podcasts and this was his longest interview yet. Watch the latest episode below and subscribe:

Thompson most recently played for Unicaja Malaga for the past two seasons. He started 49 out of 53 games for the Spanish side through all competitions and averaged 8.57 PPG.

Thompson, the all-time appearance leader for the University of North Carolina, has adapted his game through the years and can now play a ‘Stretch Four’ when needed. Thompson made 40 shots from deep this past season, compared to his 2 attempted throughout his four years at the UNC.

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Statistics are up to date as of May 28th (source:

Deon Thompson has played at the top-level of overseas basketball, more than any other Tar Heel. The EuroLeague is the top competition outside the NBA and Thompson has played 107 times in the competition, the next Tar Heel on the list is Ed Cota with 57 appearances.

With the season being short in Puerto Rico and going through the summer, I expect to see Deon Thompson back in Europe for the 2021/22 season and playing at the top-level in Europe again.

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