Jawad Williams invited as a Guest Coach for Cavs

Jawad Williams is no stranger to coaching offers. Jawad spoke to the Ceiling is the Roof Podcast in June and said that he has been asked to hang up his sneakers and pick up the clipboard on multiple occasions, but Jawad still has years in the tank.

Jawad Williams is currently the most experienced Tar Heel still playing professional basketball, a member of the 2005 National Championship team, has played for 16 teams in 9 different countries. He most recently played for Levanga Hokkaido in Japan.

Although… Williams recently received an offer that he couldn’t turn down, the Guest Coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers Summer League Team. Williams was coaching in a mini-camp in preparations for the NBA Summer League. Jawad grew up in Cleveland and played for his hometown team from 2008-2010 for a total of 93 games.

Jawad spoke to Ceiling is the Roof about this opportunity with the Cleveland Cavaliers, his role and Coach Roy Williams:

@britishtarheel: Coaching is a route you’ve spoken to me about before, how did this opportunity come about?

“I got a call from someone in the front office asking my schedule. Then they told me to clear my schedule for the first week. I was a guest coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers to prepare them for NBA Summer League.”

Jawad Williams on the offer from Cleveland Cavaliers

“I got to learn from their staff in coaches clinics and also share and give my input. I was also allowed to put some guys through individual work during the mini camp.”

Jawad Williams on his roles with the Cavs at Summer League

@britishtarheel: That’s a great opportunity, were these some of your drills? I know you’re a regular in the gym at Chapel Hill. Have you been able to do any individual work with the guys there?

“Yes, they were my drills. I have done them in Chapel Hill with Brady Manek and Justin McKoy.”

Jawad Williams on working with UNC players this summer

@britishtarheel: You played under the greatest of all-time in my opinion, what coaching trait from Coach Williams would you want to take to your future coaching style of philosophy?

“Patience. I know the path he took to become the HOF coach, we know it was a long path. Then he still has to have that same patience when dealing with his players and their parents.”

Jawad Williams on learning from Coach Roy Williams

Jawad Williams was a guest on the Ceiling is the Roof Podcast in June and spoke about the only two things that would make him retire.

Jawad Williams has had a very successful playing career with multiple championships and lets not forget the Children’s Book Author that he is and running a non-profit organisation too. When Williams puts his mind to something, there is no stopping him and that will sure be the same for coaching.

You can watch the full episode of Jawad Williams talking about his career at the University of North Carolina, NBA memories and experiences of playing overseas below:

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