Desmond Hubert signs in Kuwait

Desmond Hubert played for the University of North Carolina 113 times from 2011-2015. He came in the same freshmen class as James McAdoo and PJ Hairston and now you can find him in… Kuwait!

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Hubert has been playing professional basketball since 2017 playing in Canada, Sweden, Finland, Mexico and most recently Japan. Hubert has just signed a deal to play for Al-Arabi in Kuwait.

I spoke with Desmond while he is in training camp in Bahrain about his new move:

@britishtarheel: how has your summer been and were you able to get much time in Chapel Hill?

“I spent most of my time in Chapel Hill this summer working out individually with Jackie Manuel. I didn’t get to play much pick up because I was vacationing and visiting family.”

Desmond Hubert

@britishtarheel: how come you’re taking on this new adventure in Kuwait?

“I got a better offer from Kuwait and passing up on an offer the way things are with Covid-19, I could have been waiting a lot longer to get something.”

Desmond Hubert

@britishtarheel: when you signed in Japan last season, there was a long process to wait due to Covid-19, how has it been this time around?

“This time around things have been a lot smoother than Japan I’m fully vaccinated so that helped a lot all I’ve had to do is take a few Covid tests between departure and arrival.”

Desmond Hubert

@britishtarheel: finally, what are you most excited about playing in Kuwait this season?

“I think I’m most looking forward to being in a position to win a championship in the past I was on teams that wanted to win but maybe weren’t in a position to compete for a championship.”

Desmond Hubert

Hubert will be playing in Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait with a population of 3 million people. Hubert’s new team Al-Arabi were knocked out of last season’s playoffs in the quarter-finals. Al-Arabi plays in the top-tier of Kuwait basketball.

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