Ty Lawson signs for Mets de Guaynobo in Puerto Rico

Ty Lawson was not without a team for long, after mutually agreeing termination of his contract for Kolossos Rhodes in Greece, Lawson has signed for Mets de Guaynobo in Puerto Rico.

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Ty Lawson signed for Kolossos Rhodes in the Greek Basket League in the summer, after the move was delayed due to Lawson not being able to leave China due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lawson is joining Mets de Guaynobo, who are currently in the playoffs in the Baloncesto Superior Nacional, the top-tier of Puerto Rican basketball.

The Mets are currently leading 3-1 against Leones de Ponce in the Quarter-Finals. Leones de Ponce have a familiar face for Lawson, his former teammate from the 2009 National Championship Team, Deon Thompson.

The playoffs are made up of best of 7 games, with the next game being played today, it is unsure if Lawson will be available for tonight’s game.

Lawson was a member of the 2009 National Chanpionship Team and in many people’s opinions, one of the best point guards to come out of the University of North Carolina. Lawson went on to play 587 NBA games from 2009 to 2017.

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