Ty Lawson will be the first former NBA player to play in the Basketball Africa League

Third time’s a charm… Ty Lawson has signed for US Monastir in Tunisia, the runners up of the 2021 Basketball Africa League. Lawson recently left his team in Greece and could not work out a deal in Puerto Rico. Lawson is set to be the first former NBA player to play in the Basketball Africa League.

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Ty Lawson has been on the move as of late after his time playing in the Chinese Basketball Association for the Fujian Sturgeons. Lawson signed for Kolossos Rhodes in the Greek Basket League in the summer, after the move was delayed due to Lawson not being able to leave China due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lawson then supposedly signed for Mets de Guaynobo, who are currently in the playoffs in the Baloncesto Superior Nacional, the top-tier of Puerto Rican basketball. Although, reports have come out that the two teams could not reach a deal.

However, it looks like Lawson has found himself a new team after the Tunisian club, US Monastir has announced it on their social media.

Lawson was a member of the 2009 National Championship Team and in many people’s opinions, one of the best point guards to come out of the University of North Carolina. Lawson went on to play 587 NBA games from 2009 to 2017.

Ty Lawson is one of the biggest names the newly founded league has had (except J.Cole) and would be sure to bring lots of eyes to the Basketball Africa League. US Monastir also plays in the Championnat National A, the top-tier of Tunisian basketball.

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