What Coach Hubert Davis would like for Christmas?

The 2021/22 North Carolina Tar Heels are heading into their holiday break with a record of 9-3. The losses have come from three ranked opponents at neutral venues, it could be so much worse. Coach Hubert Davis has impressed me over the past 8 and a half months since he became Head Coach of UNC, and here I believe is his Christmas List to Santa for when the Tar Heels return after Christmas.

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It’s been the same goal over the past two seasons, reduce the number of turnovers.

UNC have lots of players who are bringing the ball up the court and multiple players trying to feed the bigs in the post. It is a weakness of North Carolina and they need to take more care of the basketball.

UNC Basketball is averaging 12.9 turnovers per game, and when they play in the ACC and have tougher opponents, the Tar Heels will be punished for it.

Coach Davis will be hoping for when they come back after Christmas Break that the Tar Heels will be taking a step in the direction of overcoming this weakness.


Coach Hubert Davis is not on Twitter, he never will be. However, his players are. The UNC players are young men aged from 18 to 23 years old, all of them are on social media and all of them can see their mentions.

People need to remember that these are young kids who are trying to balance studying for their education, their own real-life problems, as well as playing for one of the most famous basketball teams in the world with one of the largest fan bases. After the Kentucky loss, there were a lot of bad takes from “so-called fans” and that is not the Carolina Way.

The 2003/2004 season was Coach Roy Williams’ first season as Head Coach of UNC, he started off 10-3 and finished season 19-11, he then went on to win the whole daggum lot the next year. Coach Williams went on to be the greatest college basketball coach over that time frame.

Tar Heel Nation, have the teams back.


I lost count after the Appalachian State game at the press conference the number of times that Coach Davis was emphasising those three words. There have been games this season that has seen UNC Basketball not give 100% on the court and Coach HD called them out on it.

Coach has been shouting this for the people to hear at the back for a long time now, “you should not have to coach effort.” In pre-season, HD was saying that he didn’t have to do that once, but as the season went on Coach Hubert Davis has been bringing this up in his time with the press.

See Joel Berry II and Tyler Hansbrough for example.

Joel Berry II played with the heart of a champion since he got to Chapel Hill and was rewarded with that in his Junior Year in 2017. Tyler Hansbrough, I don’t really need to explain this one, do I?

We need to see more of that toughness on the court. There’s no denying at some point this season, every player could have shown more toughness on the court and the losses I hope will be the kick that these players needed.


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2 thoughts on “What Coach Hubert Davis would like for Christmas?

  1. Love your shows and news. If you get a chance could you ask one of the players from the 2017 Title Team if we would have won it in 2016 do they think they would have repeated as champs? Also I can make great arguments that we should have won the Title in 1977,1984,1998,2004,2012 and 2016. I can put some more Teams on here but these are my top ones. But the one that haunts me the most is 98 and 2012

  2. I agree with you 💯. People (“fans”) need to remember that Coach Davis is a new coach and these players are just kids! We will continue to improve, and Coach Davis will find a way to implement his style and put his signature on the team. I have no doubt that it’s only up from here, but I’m so disappointed with our fan base. Some of the comments I’ve seen are downright ugly and dismissive. We need to give this program the space it needs to grow.
    Love your podcast, by the way! I have now binged all the episodes and can’t wait for more. Thank you for helping me keep up to date with my favorite former Tarheels ❤️

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