Kennedy Meeks signs to play in Dominican Republic this summer.

There will be no days off for 2017 NCAA Champion, Kennedy Meeks, as instead of having an ‘off-season’, he has signed for Marineros de Puerto Plata in Dominican Republic throughout the summer period.

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Kennedy Meeks spent last season playing for Cholet Basket in the Jeep Elite League in France, the top-tier of French Basketball. Cholet Basket ended their season with a record of 18-16 and finished in 8th, the final spot for the playoffs. Cholet went up against ASVEL Basket, the team of Victor Wembanyama, losing 2-1 to finish the season.

Meeks averaged 7.36 PPG and 3.6 RPG across 25 games in France after the last three seasons in Japan and South Korea.

The Liga Nacional de Balonesto is the main division in Dominican Republic with only 8 teams playing in a round-robin format.

LEVANGA HOKKAIDO (JAPAN)2019/2034.120.9710.871.23
CHOLET BASKET (FRANCE)2021/2215.57.353.60.28
Statistics are up to date as of July 4th (source:

Last summer, Deon Thompson signed in Puerto Rico during the summer and sometimes players will join certain leagues around the world with a short season, before joining their main team for the year. This keeps them competitive throughout the summer, but also is an opportunity for another job during the ‘off-season’.

Another fellow Tar Heel has had success in the Dominican Republic Basketball League, Reyshawn Terry was the MVP in 2015. Kennedy will be hoping for some success in the next few months for Marineros de Puerto Plata.

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