Dontrez Styles signs new NIL partnership

Dontrez Styles has signed a new NIL partnership with Salvio’s Pizza in Cary, North Carolina. Following in the footsteps of Brady Manek and Justin McKoy.

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Salvio’s Pizza have said they will be naming a pizza after their newest athlete to be partnered with the pizzeria in Cary, as well as supplying meal prep. Tar Heel International spoke with Salvio’s Pizza about the new partnership.

“We’re working on the pizza now! We’ll see how his pizza making skills are.”

Salvio’s Pizza on the future Dontrez Styles Pizza

Last season, Brady Manek and Justin McKoy both partnered with Salvio’s Pizza with many guest appearances at the restaurant throughout the season.

Salvio’s Pizza will supply Dontrez Styles and Justin McKoy with a high-protein meal prep to help them throughout the season, don’t worry… they make sure it’s healthy.

“We setup meet and greets for the fans. All of the guys have been great and the people love them. We have a special athlete menu for high protein, complex carbs made with healthy fats that we meal prep… we don’t want the coaches mad at us.”

Salvio’s Pizza on what the partnership with Dontrez Styles and Justin McKoy includes.

Dontrez Styles averaged 6.6 MPG in his first season as a Tar Heel, with a highlight for most fans was his game-changing three-pointer in the NCAA Tournament against #1 Baylor. It’s an exciting season ahead for the UNC Men’s Basketball Team and we hope to see Trez play a big part in that.

Be sure to go check out Salvio’s Pizza at 2428 Cary Parkway, Cary, NC, they’re open Monday to Sunday.

Justin McKoy recently joined The Tar Heel Show to talk about his first season as a Tar Heel.

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