Player Exclusive Q&A: Garrison Brooks speaks on the NBA workouts and signing for New York Knicks

Garrison Brooks spent four years in Chapel Hill from 2017-2021. In that time, he suited up 133 times for the Tar Heels, won the ACC Most Improved Player Award in his Junior Year and was a fan favourite for so many. Garrison spent his added extra year of eligibility to head back home and play for Mississippi State, where his Dad was the Assistant Coach.

After 5 years of playing college basketball, Garrison signed an Exhibit 10 Deal with the New York Knicks, this is a one-year minimum salary NBA contract. Garrison spoke with Tar Heel International about the experience of getting ready for the draft, when he received that phone call about the New York Knicks and more.

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George: Hey Garrison, how was it playing at Mississippi State last season and playing under your Dad? Was he harder on you compared to your teammates?

“Really good. It was a great experience that I’m glad we both got to do. Of course, nothing was easy with him.”

Garrison Brooks

George: How has it been back in Chapel Hill this summer with the guys? Who have you been seeing? Also, how was the current vs alumni games?

“It’s been good. I’m always glad to see the guys here because I feel like I grew up here with them. I’ve been with B Rob, K Will, Luke, and Sterling mostly.

Alum did a sweep of the young guys this time. It’s always really competitive though.”

Garrison Brooks

George: What was the pre-draft process like? Did teams just give you a call and you just went everywhere?

“It’s been good to me. It’s been a long process because of the work you put in everyday and the consistency of doing it. Just trying to stay prepared whenever you are called to perform.

The teams contacted my agent and it was a relatively quick process of going to workout and interview for teams.”

Garrison Brooks

George: What was the workout like with New York? Did you know they were interested?

“I never worked out for New York and didn’t know about their interest that much.”

Garrison Brooks

George: What were you doing when you got the call from the New York Knicks?

“I was actually asleep and got the call from my agent Reggie. It’s one of the rare times he’s called me and been excited. I really woke up after the call because I could hear his excitement.”

Garrison Brooks

George: That must have been a shock if you didn’t know they were interested. How are you feeling about getting started with the organisation?

“It really was and it’s the biggest organization in basketball. I hope I get a chance to play in The Garden. It’s one of the best arenas.”

Garrison Brooks

George: How much are you going to let know the Dookies at the Knicks know about Coach K’s last season?

“Every chance I get especially during the games when we play them.

I’ll be at the game in MSG so I’ll be wearing UNC stuff all the way up to the game.”

Garrison Brooks

Garrison is awaiting to head off to training camp with the New York Knicks and all the Carolina Family wishes him the best and are excited to see him get his opportunity.

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