Ceiling is the Roof Podcast is an interview-style podcast with George (@britishtarheel) who sits down with former UNC basketball players and chats about their memories at the University of North Carolina, what they have been doing since they left Chapel Hill and so much more.

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Episode 24 – Brady Manek Interview | UNC Basketball, UNC/Duke Rivalry and What's Next? The Tar Heel Show

Brady Manek (@BradyManek) joined George (@britishtarheel) on The Tar Heel Show for Episode One of Season Three to discuss his past year with UNC Basketball, many stories and the next steps in his career. Brady Manek transferred to the University of North Carolina for the 2021/22 season and finished his one and only year with the Tar Heels as a fan favourite.  We spoke about the decision to come to UNC, Coach Hubert Davis, his favourite games, the UNC/Duke Rivalry, Tik Tok and more. Brady talks about the process of the next step in his career and what that has been like. You can support Brady at https://www.cameo.com/bradymanek You can also support Brady at https://fanjoy.co/collections/bradymanek Follow https://twitter.com/britishtarheel and https://instagram.com/britishtarheel Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel and check out https://tarheelinternational.com for all your UNC basketball news. Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-tar-heel-show/id1564566360 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3hICaXeiyb2DpQ4C9mpre3 I do not own any clips or videos uploaded of highlights or photos of UNC Basketball. No copyright infringement intended. Highlights and clips are property of ESPN, ACC Network, CBS, etc. No affiliation to UNC.
  1. Episode 24 – Brady Manek Interview | UNC Basketball, UNC/Duke Rivalry and What's Next?
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  7. Episode 18 – Justin Watts shares stories from UNC Basketball, Life Overseas and we discuss the UNC Basketball 2021/22
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  9. Episode 16 – Marcus Paige's UNC Basketball 2021/22 Season Preview and looking back at his basketball career
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